Our Accommodation

Mayfield View has been designed and built to the highest standards with multiple, significantly larger than average, comfortable day spaces, superb dining facilities and tastefully decorated bedrooms all with en-suite facilities.

Each of our small communities within the home have their own identity, generous day spaces and dining areas which combine comfort and functionality whilst allowing personal space and promoting independence in an open setting. With almost three times the required minimum space per resident and with 100% of our bedrooms having an en-suite wet room, our facilities far exceed any minimum UK requirements and the UK average.

Our talented team of award-winning architects and designers have created a residence that makes the most of the fantastic views of the moors, whilst incorporating a beautiful garden designed to promote relaxation and wellness. The interior has been designed to complement the colours seen in nature on the Ilkley moors and our large “outside-in” style garden room is perfect for relaxing in. Our home also boasts a cinema, hairdressing salon, a beautiful spa and a café for the enjoyment of our residents, friends and relatives.

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