The dining experience is one of the highlights of the day for our residents, and this is exactly as it should be.  With superb tasting, nutritionally balanced, familiar meals created by our professional chefs meal times are, of course, for refuelling but also for relaxing and socialising.

We’ve created a choice of beautifully designed spaces to dine in, and our Head of Hospitality Services works in partnership with award winning supplier Apetito to provide a range of delicious, nutritious meals to delight our residents and make sure that they look forward to every meal.  Whether it’s socialising with friends over dinner, or enjoying a quiet meal, we offer something for everyone in terms of a wide variety of tastes and regularly review our menus to introduce tasty new meals. Naturally, we also offer texture modified meals and special diets (diabetic, energy dense, low fat) as well as Kosher.